Club Update

Dear All,

I hope that you are all still well, and isolating safely during this difficult time.

I apologise for not getting in touch sooner, but things were developing slowly.

I have been in touch with BSAC since the latest Lockdown to ensure that we are all being looked after. Things are still developing, and there will be some online presence very soon I am told. Keep an eye on the website for future developments.

In the interim, I know that some of you are concerned about your finances in this difficult time.

To that end, I have instructed BSAC to place all club fees on hold until further notice. This will hopefully mean that your monthly direct debits will be stopped until the club can resume its proper functions again. This will be for the club fees only as far as I am aware, the yearly membership with BSAC may be a different matter, but this is a little way off yet. It is at least a start. If you notice your fees sill being drawn please let me know asap. (It may take a month to action).

I have been researching how to keep in contact with you in the lockdown. I have identified a potential option to carry out webinars for our students. However, after my last email, asking you to get your children to sign up to the club website, and no one actually doing it, Im unsure if the webinar would be a viable option due to cost and interest…

Would you be interested in having your children partake in the club lectures online?

Please let me know. If i get enough response, I will look at purchasing a webinar system to carry it out. At least this way you can achieve some training and get signed off for part of your qualifications.

It will be a slow process, but I believe it is a great way to achieve some learning.

I hope this email reassures you all with the finances, I will continue to monitor what’s going on.

If anyone has any ideas on how we can stay in touch or make use of our time, feel free to share it.

I hope you are all well. Stay Safe

Nick Stevens ASI 400
Dive Officer