End of Year Newsletter 2019

Dear All,

It is that time of year when we have to say goodbye until the next one…

Our last training night before we break up for the Christmas Holidays will be Tuesday 17th December 2019. We return to the pool on Tuesday 7th January 2020, usual time and place.

As is tradition, we will hold a small party with games and if possible floats for our last session. There will of course be cake too…!

It has been an epic year for the club, unprecidented in our entire clubs history! Not only have we developed positively as a group, but we have returned the club finaces to previous more fruitful levels, bought a club safety boat, trained more staff, obtained new training and safety kit and bolstered our memberhsip!. To top that off we have been more widely publicised in diving journals than any other club in the UK and won a commendation from the top award in the diving world!

The only problem with all this, is that I just have no clue how Im going to top it all next year!?

None of this of course, would have been possible without my staff, who all give their time for free and put so much effort into the work we do. So I must say a massive thanks to you all, and Im sure you will all agree with me. However, special mention should go to Adam Curtis, who without his amazing grant finding tenacity, we would not have had half the new toys to play with that we have had this year. So a special thanks must go to him too.

If you havent yet had the chance to see what we have been up to, please check out our blog at https://snorkelling.org.uk/blog/ where I try to keep you all up to date on events.

As you have all hopefully seen now, our new website is fully operational. There will no doubt be tweaks, but I hope you are all finding it of use. Can I please ask you to share it with your children, as at this time, none of them have signed up, and I would really like them to be involved in their club. There is a forum, and other useful info on here, which they can use to share snorkelling trips or experiences, as well as photos to view and the blog. Ask them to regisiter online here and I will set up the account for them.

Further to the website info, can I ask for people to leave us some feedback on our Reviews Page. It helps us show potential members what we are about and how much effort we put in. Any comments are gratefully received.


Some news from me:

Some of you may have heard already, but for those who havent, I would like to announce that Vicki and I are expecting our second child in June 2020. As you can imagine, with a fiesty 3 year old already (who hasnt yet been told they are having a brother or sister), plus us going through a massive extension at home, we are pretty much run off our feet. That on top of the fact that Vicki is sadly suffering greatly from Hyperemisis Gravidarum, we are busier than ever. So please forgive me if I seem a bit aloof or spaced out, as theres lots rattling around my head at the moment… We are both very excited but terrified at the same time lol…

I will of course continue to be down each week where I can, but June 2020 could get a little hectic when it comes to the open water trips and pool sessions etc… Im sure however my expert team will manage in my absence as always.

Anyway, all that remains is for me to wish you all an Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I will see you all at the next session.

Nick Stevens ASI 400
Dive Officer