Monthly Update

Dear All,

Its been a while since I contacted you all with an update, so for what it is, here is one…

Sadly there isn’t much to report. We have still not heard back from the pool, indicating that that they are till not ready to have us back. Whilst this is frustrating, with the apparent approach of a second wave on the horizon, it is still probably the safest thing for us at this time.

Surrey Council has confirmed that there is a significant rise in cases of Covid, which certainly in my home borough of Spelthorne (just next to Walton) has placed the area on the Government Watch List. So it is concerning. The difficulties of being covid secure in a pool environment are proving almost impossible due to the size and space of the changing facilities and the nature of our sport. So its very difficult at the moment to figure out.

I note also today, that on Sky News, there is concern that swimming clubs are being forced to close financially, due to price hikes by pool operators. So as it stands at the moment, us being off, and not having to pay for facilities, stands us in better stead of returning in the long run. Assuming costs can return to normal after this weird period has subsided… See the link below:

BSAC have been doing their best to provide advice and facilities online for training, but unfortunately, almost all of these are either aimed a Divers, or are too advanced for snorkellers to consider. Certainly, at the lower level skill groups, who are more practical based. However, do feel free to sign into the BSAC web page and look around the learning centre if you are interested. You just need to sign up using your email address or membership number to get an account.

These are unprecedented times for the country and the club. We continue to monitor the situation and desperately want to return to normal, but we are being realistic that this will take time. Being closed for the time being is the safest and most cost effective way to keep the club going. Its frustrating, but there is currently no other way we can work.

My staff and I are still keen to provide you all with the best opportunities we can in snorkelling, but without water space, we are struggling.

We look forward to being able to provide you more positive news in the future, but in the meantime, hang tight, we are thinking of you all

Stay safe

Nick Stevens ASI 400
Dive Officer