Summer 2019 News Letter

Dear All,

Its that time of year when the end of the season has rapidly approached and we will be closing down for the summer holiday. Our last training night at the pool will be Tuesday 16th July 2019 and we return on Tuesday 10th September 2019. This is a little earlier than usual, but it is how the dates have fallen for the term times.

This year has been eventful to say the least! Not only have we raised more money in six months than we have done as a club in 30 years, but it has been put to amazing use. We have bolstered the clubs membership with a recruitment drive. Represented the sport at the Houses of Parliament. Purchased 15 new sets of equipment for the pool, plus four sea scooters to assist divers in open water. We have put in place plans to develop the club infrastructure and admin, paying for courses for staff training and equipment, and even managed to buy a boat and ancillary equipment! All of this would not have been possible without our new fundraising officer, Adam Curtis. He has worked tirelessly behind the scenes submitting grant applications and liaising with funding groups to our benefit. I cannot thank him enough!

As a result of the boat, our Lulworth trip this year was amazing! We have never managed to dive so many sites in one weekend than we have this weekend. We even managed to reach a completely new site, Harborrow Bay in Kimmeridge, which can only be accessed by boat which was fascinating and exciting to explore. Thanks to unbelievable weather, every dive site was flat calm, crystal clear and teaming with life… It was a truly fantastic weekend, as Im sure those who went will attest to. Please check out our facebook page for some pictures and videos of the weekend.

As always, I cannot lay the credit for our success on one person, as without all our staff, this club would not be what it is. All are volunteers giving their free time to help run the club and I cannot thank them enough either. Without their help and support we wouldn’t have a club.

Id like to welcome our new members to the club also. It is always great to see such enthusiasm entering our happy band of snorkellers, and I look forward to working with you all over the coming years.
Can I also add congratulations to Will and Adam (and myself), for successfully completing and passing their Short Range VHF Radio Licences, so that our safety boat can be extra safe with easy access to emergency services via radio and the coastguard. Further training will be undertaken by other members of staff very soon to add to our skill range, which we can feed back into the club. All very exciting.

We are looking into arranging a late summer BBQ and Boat Naming Ceremony for a fun family get together early next season (September). I hope to put out info on this via email very soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for the information so we can get it in your diary, so there is not a rush when we get back. I will keep you posted.

Plans to develop our activities and abilities will continue over the summer break, so I hope to have more news for you all very soon. If any parent or member has interest in assisting us, we are always on the lookout for helpers, whether this be with financial accounting, organising skills, event planning etc… Much of which is currently only carried out by a few staff members. So any help is gratefully received. Im particularly interested at the moment, in assistance with our Boat Naming Ceremony/BBQ if anyone can help out?

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break, and have some fantastic snorkel dives on your trips away if you are going anywhere. Its always nice to get a postcard so don’t forget us here at the club.

See you all in September, happy bubbling

Nick Stevens ASI 400
Dive Officer