A new member must be a minimum of 8 yrs old, with a willingness to learn new skills, and be able to complete the entry swimming test. They cannot join B.S.A.C. until they are eight years old.

We eqate our miniumum requirements in terms of recognised swimming training at a minimum of a strong A.S.A. level 6.

This test comprises of a minimum:

50 metre swim on front, any style (approx. 2 lengths)

25 metre swim on back (approx. 1 length)

Float for one minute on back

Hold breath for a minimum of 15 seconds

Swimmer Support Training

The swimming parts should be completed without stopping, and without touching the bottom or sides. The reason for this is due to the nature of the sport. You need to be a stong swimmer to deal with certain aspects of the training safely. We are unfortnately unable to supply ‘catch up’ swimming courses as this would be frustrating to those already at the level required and would have to wait before moving on.

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