On occasion, we have been lucky enough to be featured in new articles or tv slots. Whilst I havent always been able to obtain copies of everything, we will do our best to post some interesting ones here...


Scuba May 2017Scuba Magazine:

In March 2017, we were lucky enough to be featured by Scuba Magazine, the BSAC's internationally published club monthly read. It was a great article and showed that snorkellers could keep up with the big guns in diving. It was a great promotion for the club and gave us a number of good contacts in the diving community.

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Scuba Dec 2018

Scuba Magazine:

In October 2018, Jakob Byrne-Jone and Nick Stevens were awarded the BSAC Alan Broadhurst Award for Courage and Good use of Lifesaving Skills, after saving the life of a fellow snorkeller in an incident at the pool. The certificates were presented by the Chairman of BSAC at the Dive Show 2018 in Birmingham NEC. A very proud day for the club, as this is the first time any Snorkelling club has been awarded anything from BSAC.

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