On occasion, we have been lucky enough to be featured in news articles, magazines or tv slots. Whilst I havent always been able to obtain copies of everything, we will do our best to post some interesting ones here…

Scuba Magazine:

We appear breifly in the December issue of Scuba as part of our involvement with the Heinke Trophy and our Commendation.

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We have been lucky enough to be featured twice in November 2019’s Scuba Magazine. Firstly with a small feature on Millys naming ceremony, and secondly for being awarded a commendation certificate by the Heinke Trophy committee, an international award for the best diving club in the world, won this year by Chester Sub Aqua Club.

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Local Online News:

In September 2019, we named our boat Milly after former student Milly Dowler. See our Blog for full details. We were lucky enough to be featured in the Surrey Comet, and be blogged by The British Sub Aqua Club about the event.

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Scuba Magazine:

In March 2017, we were lucky enough to be featured by Scuba Magazine, the BSAC’s internationally published club monthly read. It was a great article and showed that snorkellers could keep up with the big guns in diving. It was a great promotion for the club and gave us a number of good contacts in the diving community.

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Scuba Magazine:

In October 2018, Jakob Byrne-Jone and Nick Stevens were awarded the BSAC Alan Broadhurst Award for Courage and Good use of Lifesaving Skills, after saving the life of a fellow snorkeller in an incident at the pool. The certificates were presented by the Chairman of BSAC at the Dive Show 2018 in Birmingham NEC. A very proud day for the club, as this is the first time any Snorkelling club has been awarded anything from BSAC.

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Surrey Playing Fields Grant Presentation:

We were visited by Elmbridge and Surrey Councillors and Representatives from Surrey Playing Fields to be presented with a grant to help pay for new equipment.

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Scuba Magazine:

We again featured in Scuba regarding the Surrey Playing Fields Grant award.

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