Dry Snorkelling Easter Egg Hunt. Competition Winners!

It only took a matter of hours for the first sucessful entry to the Dry Snorkelling Easter Egg Hunt was sent in!

Congratulations to Alicia & Joshua Targett, on correctly finding all the hidden baskets of eggs… A suitable prize will be sent your way (somehow through the lockdown) as soon as possible…

Alicia & Josh work on the problem…

I wont spoil the answers, should anyone still wsh to play, but they sent in their answers in a novel way….

Answers hidden for security reasons (and for fun)

Well done you two impotenciastop.com

Dont forget, you can still have a go for fun… If you want to check the answers just drop us a line…

Find the game here:

Dry Snorkelling

A new challenge will be released soon….