How old do I have to be to join?

How old do I have to be?

Snorkelling is a brilliant sport for anyone aged 8-80 year old.

However, we as a club are a specialist youth club. We accept new members from the age of 8yrs and up. We find most members join us about age 10yrs.

We do accept younger members but they must be very strong swimmers and be able to comprehend the training and are only accepted in special circumstances.

Please note that while we accept members up to 16 years old, we do find that the average age of students is approx 9-11 years. Older students may wish to consider this in terms of peer ages so that they do not feel uncomfortable being the oldest. We aim to include everyone, but it can be hard to resolve individual perceptions when at younger ages, the gap can seem quite large.

If you are older, and feel this may not be what your looking for, you may wish to seek advice on alternatives, such as scuba or freediving. We do have excellent contacts and will be happy to advise you accordingly on request.

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