I have a disibility, can I still join?

KEJSC believes in equal opportunities for all and supports the BSAC Diving for All Programme. However, we must be mindful that the sport of snorkelling can be dangerous, so membership can be restricted on ground of safety.

We have many members within our ranks that have various disibilities, including both mental and physical issues. Many members have reported that because the sport is non competitive, and generally in a weightless environment, it has in fact benfitted their conditions. So we are always keen to help where we can.

We strive to include everyone where possible, however please note, we do not have specific equipment, training or facilities to deal with severe disibility cases.

If you wish to join us and have a specific concern, please get in contact to discuss your issue.

Examples of previous issues we have supported include, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, ADHD, ADD, Mild Personality Disorders. Limb disformatiy/displacia, epilepsy and diabetes.

For more specific or severe conditions there is the Diveability organisation who can supply more detailed support and advice.

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