BSAC turns 70 years young!

Nick & his friend Alex trying out scuba in 1988

Today, Sunday 15th October 2023 marks the British Sub Aqua Club’s Platinum jubilee. Seventy years since the largest diving club in the world was formed.

Trainer, Grandfather, Miner, Autism Support worker…

The Kingston and Elmbridge Junior Snorkellers Club has been part of that legacy since 1974. We have won awards, represented our sport nationally and internationally, and helped to develop the future divers and underwater explorers of tomorrow. I have been lucky enough to be part of that legacy since 1987 (yes I am that old), and Im proud to say that we have contributed to the development of hundreds, if not thousands of students over those years. In many more ways than just snorkel training.

Primary Teacher

As I look back at my former students, some of whom have graciously stayed in touch with us over the years, Ive seen the impact that this club makes. Not only have we made divers, but we have helped increase confidence in insecure children, created lifesavers, produced future teachers, leaders, engineers, doctors and so much more. Many of these former students attribute the skills they have learnt with us, as the reasons they went on to do the roles they now play in society.

Rocket Scientist

For myself, I never thought about being a trainer, yet here I am running a club, for which I was initially reknowned for being one of the worst students in the clubs history (Ive since learnt I have processing dyslexia, so that explains a lot back then). However, poacher turned game keeper I became, and this spilled into my working life, where I became one of the most popular and proactive trainers within my organisation. I would never have done this without the club. I even met my wife here!

Team GB Weight Lifter

BSAC has such a far reaching impact, that doesnt always get noticed. Its not just about making friends, being social, learning to dive. Its so much more, and we should be proud to be part of that.

Today, BSAC released a video to celebrate their milestone… We were lucky enough to be featured twice in this video. The only snorkel club to be featured in the footage. This is something I am immensely proud of, and you should be too.

We are visible from 35 seconds in… Please watch and enjoy, and be proud to be part of this great legacy.

BSAC celebrates 70 years, featuring KEJSC…