Monster Splash 2023

Back by popular demand, the annual Monster Splash Halloween party was held tonight, this time actually on Halloween night!

Thanks to a lot of work behind the scenes, we were able to once again get the lights switched off in the pool for that extra spooky feel to the evening.

Its always a challenge working in the dark, but as always we were well prepared and well trained, and the event was a roaring success!

The costume competition was adjudicated by our Duty Manager. The costumes this year were spectaculor, with a lot of effort put into some amazing makeup as well as costumes! Prizes were awarded for the judged best outfits. Thank you to all those who took part!

Each student was issued a glow sick to mark them safely in the water, all staff had torches and groups were kept small and mobile. Even the lifeguards got glow sticks (and a few sweets much to their pleasure…). We rotated groups around all the games so everyone got to have a go and amazingly for a group of exited students the transitions were very smooth!

Multiple games were played throughout the evening. Including the ever popular trick or treating at the deep end. With multiple sweets being thrown into the pool, and snorkellers diving down to recover them. First rule, what you find you keep! So there were a lot of sweets consumed in bulk. The other popular game of the underwater egg and spoon race, using ping pong balls as eggs. When you drop the egg, it floats to the surface. So your world is not only wet, but upside down. In addition to this there were relay races and inflatable games. It was an all round very busy and active pool!

Everyone was having a great time and enjoying themselves.

After a bit of clear up at the end, everyone went how with a load of sweets and a lot of happy memories. A great evening had by all!