Christmas Party 2019

As another year draws to a close, it is tradition on the last session to have a little party…

As always, games are the key to the nights activites, and even though this year the numbers we lower than normal (I believe a school play was on), we still got stuck into having some fun.

As always our traditional modified water polo game started the evening, with a suprisingly well balanced match. Then onto more entertainment with the famous charriot float races!

There was one outstanding group, who lead the way with these races with a well organised team who rocketed along the waters surface to win both the key races of the evening!

The night ended with a free for all on the floats for a chill and a chat before heading off home.

As always, our extra special Christams party cake from the Jolly Baker in Ashford was the highlight of the evening, infact one of our number was so enamoured she felt in necessary to guard it carefully throughout the night… and was in no way, trying to get her fingers into the left over jam lol….

The cake disappeared rapidly, but there was still enough left over to ensure the staff who look after us all year were able to have some too.

I hope you all have a great christmas, and a safe new year. We look forward to seeing you all next season.

Check out the images from the night on our Gallery