KEJSC Gets Commended!

On Saturday 26th October 2019, a contingent of staff and students attended the Dive Conference and Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

The Conference Stage

We were to be honoured by the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), along with other clubs with a Commendation by the Heinke Trophy committee.

The Heinke Trophy is BSACs way of recognising the significant contribution its clubs and members make to the growth and development of scuba and snorkel diving The trophy is presented every year to the BSAC club considered to have done the most to further the interests of its members and of BSAC

Scuba Magazine Announces the Winners

This years winners were Chester Sub Aqua Club, however KEJSC was lucky enough to be given a Commendation Certificate along with three other clubs.

The Heinke Trophy is primarily aimed at dive clubs who, unlike us, have many more facilities and much more adult and financial support than our own little group. So to be commended in this way, was a major accolade for us. Especially as we are the first snorkelling club to ever achieve any consideration from the Heinke Committee. So for Nick and the team, this is a major win, proving snorkelling can keep up with the divers.

The gang waiting to go on stage

The Dive Conference is where BSAC and all the major diving organisations meet and discuss developments of the sport, raise safety issues and learn about new and exciting changes in the sport. It is also where awards are given, and colleagues and friends meet and catch up.

We were sat at the front of the conference, awaiting the introductions from BSAC Vice Preseident Phil Harrison, having just rubbed shoulders with senior management of BSAC, It was an exciting and daunting feeling. Knowing that in a minute we were to be called on stage in front of many senior diving peers. Many divers see snorkelling as beneath them, forgetting that is is a gateway to the world of divers for many young people. So this was our moment to shine.

Chester with teh Trophy and the Commended Certificate winners

Phil Harrison gave a short speech about some of the key points of the Heinke, before inviting the award winners up onto the stage.

We made our way up to the podium to recieve our certificate, before Chester Club was presented the Trophy.

The RNLI prepare for their talk

It was great to be up on stage with so many other key members of the diving world, making our mark as snorkellers and pushing our sport into the forefront of the diving communities vision.

After some photos for Scuba Magazine, we made our way back to our seats .

Poppy feeds the sharks…

We sat and listened to the presentation given by the RNLI on sea safety before deciding to go have a celebratory lunch at Gormet Burger Kitchen, before heading over to the dive show to hunt out some bargains.

It was a really nice day out. We got our faces seen, we flew the snorkelling flag, and had a nice time doing it. A very successful day.

The Team with the Certificate