Octopush Battle Royal!

Traditionally, the last night of the season before our summer break is a simple affair of games and minor admin.

This year however, was marked with a tinge of sadness as we said goodbye to two of our own, Adam and Linden Curtis. It was a sad affair waving them off at the end of the night, but we were safe in the knowledge that this evening had been a good one for all involved.

The plan for the last session was to be games, and I had ideas for a number of games we could play. I was set up to give them all a go throughout the night. However, the evening changed as we went into the first game, as it turned into one of the most epic evenings we’ve had in the club in years!

The first, and what rapidly became the only, game of the night was Octopush… Or to the lay person, Underwater Hockey. A game of two teams, using a bat to slide a weighted puck across the bottom of the pool to score goals. Not dissimilar to grass hockey, and equally if not more “challenging”. It’s certainly a lot of fun.

Normally despite our best efforts, teams can inevitably end up a little unbalanced, and the more experienced snorkellers take over, leaving the younger ones to try their best to catch up. However this evening, everything went to plan. Amazingly to plan. Yes there were a few out in front stars, scoring many of the goals, but would you believe it, it was from all ranks of the club! It was a joy to behold.

Team work, determination, breath hold skills, all kicked in, and the matches went on neck and neck throughout the night. Even as people began to tire, as the game is exhausting, the fight continued.

Even the staff got drawn in to the game, and by the end of the night, everyone was involved, giving it their all. It was a sight to see! I had a massive smile on my exhausted face the whole evening.

As the evening came close to an end, and both teams were 10:10, a final sudden death round went in, and eventually a score was taken. The fight was fierce, but everyone gave it their al, I was so impressed! What a match, what a game!

So for a final round off of the night, and at the request of our outgoing honoured staff member, we had a final, best of three rounds, of staff against students…

Four staff, to 15 students… It was potentially going to be a bloodbath! Lol

Luckily for us, the need to not be shown up by our students fought though the staff team, and we were off to a rapid 2:0 lead! As the clock ticked closer to the end of the session, a short team talk amongst the staff, agreed we couldn’t let the students lose face, so we decided to go easy on them… But only a bit…

What a mistake! The cheeky devils snuck in last minute and stole a point… However, our 2:1 win was enough to secure the honour of the staff for another year, or maybe longer depending on how long it takes for all of us old timers to recover… So we called it a night. BUT what a night!

I don’t think Ive had so much fun in years.

I think everyone will sleep well tonight, despite the heat. My only shame was that I didn’t get a single photo of the evening’s activities, we were all just having too much fun.

I must give a massive well done to everyone involved. Literally every student got stuck in tonight, and some clearly showed their skills to the nth degree. It was fantastic. Well done everyone! Thanks for a great night! You’ve made an old, exhausted man very happy…