Training at the Pool

Walton Xcel Pool

Walton Xcel Swimming Pool is our weekly base for all things snorkel training every Tuesday evening.

The pool is an ideal safe place to learn and develop new and old skills, ensuring that when we move to more challenging open water environments we are ready for the challenges ahead.

Staff brief Students

We hire the whole main pool for our training nights, and you will soon notice, the space is needed. With the multiple groups of different training levels rushing up and down the pool, experiencing new skills and having fun, the water looks exciting and busy.

Our dedicated team of staff, from the newest assistant instructor to experienced Instructor Trainer, are busy ensuring every student has a great experience as we help them learn the wonderful sport that is snorkelling.

Friends for life

The pool is not just a learning ground, it is a base of operations, where friendships are forged, experiences shared and lifelong relationships are maintained. We all look out for each other, and this is the key to our success.

Stamina Training

Snorkelling is about the Buddy System. I look after you and you look after me. This is the foundation for excellent safe snorkelling. The pool gives us the opportunity to develop this relationship. Keeping fit, having fun and trying new opportunities.

So much has been experienced in a multitude of training nights at the pool over the years. Everything from the humble beginnings of trying on the first piece of equipment, through to learning first aid and marine biology, to dramatic rescues of divers in distress.

Fun and Games

The pool is key. The pool is our home from home.

Come join us to see what its all about.