Were back!

The new season kicked off with a very busy pool, full of students keen to get back into the swing of things…

The pool starts to fill up…

As tradition dictates after a summer of free time, the evening started with a “beasting”, getting everyone match fit again with a number of fitness tasks, including lengths, treading water and ditch and recovery.

Time for a light beasting… Must keep fit!

Everyone entered into the spirit of things and got stuck in.

It was clear, everyone had a lot to talk about after the summer break and that everyone had missed their friends. The pool was buzzing with life, and it was great to see!

Your exits are here… here… and here… (Always important to brief)
Prep before the dive

There was some entertainment after a snorkel mouthpiece came detached from a tube (Ask Will, he can explain it), resulting in the whole Advanced group having to complete a Jackstay search across the whole pool to search for the almost invisible item… (it was a clear mouthpiece lol)… It was eventually found by Instructor Oliver Sparrow, after several searches by the Advanced Group… Clearly we need to go over search techniques again… lol. At least the offending mouthpiece was safely returned to the tube so excercises could resume…

Getting kitted up

The next few months are going to be busy, with the club BBQ and boat naming ceremony comin gup at the end of the week, then quickly followed by a Restart a Heart event, the Halloween Monster Splash 2019, and a new intake to organise… So there will be a lot going on at the pool in the next few weeks.

Oli C if off to Uni

Unfortunately we are losing one of our number though, as Oliver Coughlin, heads off to University to study Forensics. Im sure he will be back in the holdiays as is tradition, but his regularly weekly help will be missed. We wish him all the best in his next chapter of life…

Happy students

It was great to see everyone back in the water tonight, and I took the chance to snap off a few pics which you see here. As you can see, everyone is keen and happy. We counted thirty four students in the pool tonight which was amazing! I cant wait for next week!

Students bow before their Guru Instructor… lol
Always time for a swim
Getting ready for a quick finning session…
No clue why his snorkel is upside down… Only he knows….